How does Show Stats work?

For Everyone

Show Stats can be used by any organisation with ticketed events, whether they have direct access to the box office system or not.

It provides audience reports by show, individual performance, run or tour. To use it, you simply login and use ‘Find Production’ to identify your shows for reporting.

For National Portfolio Organisations

For National Portfolio Organisations, Show Stats provides additional benefits in meeting Arts Council England’s funding conditions and reporting requirements.

Show Stats will provide you with anonymised data from your chosen venue(s) for analysis and insight purposes. The tool is an easy way for:

  • Touring companies to request and access analysis of their audiences.
  • Receiving venues to control access to audience analytics (and add notes).

Touring companies who are required to report their audience figures to Arts Council England can generate most of their required outputs through a free Annual Audiences Report to complete their Annual Returns. The report includes:

  • Total tickets issued
  • Average ticket yield per booker
  • Top 10 postal districts
  • Advanced booking times
  • % of first-time attenders to that venue
  • Group Size
  • Audience Spectrum Breakdown

(Note: Band 2 and 3 NPOs who are required to provide info about audience demographics/protected characteristics can do so via the Audience Finder Survey).

For Museums and Galleries

As long as you have ticketed events and this data is feeding into Audience Finder, a museum or gallery can use Show Stats to understand its audiences in the same way as any other venue.

Further Support

To view support resources for Show Stats, please visit The Audience Agency’s Community Knowledge Base or to contact our support team, please email